Environmental protection

JSC Olaine chemical plant BIOLAR specialises in the production of chemicals and mixtures, as well as coating materials according to the technologies typical of these industries, using existing production capacities or creating new production facilities that meet the specifics of the technology. Product volumes vary depending on demand.

When improving and perfecting existing production technological processes, as well as planning the introduction of new technological processes, the company is guided by the Best Available Techniques (BAT) descriptions and recommendations mentioned in European Commission reference documents and industry BAT descriptions:

BAT for the production of fine organic synthesis products;
BAT in industrial cooling systems;

on BAT in wastewater and flue gas treatment in the chemical sector;

on best available practices for emissions from storage sites.

Already at the technology development stage, environmental aspects are evaluated in the central laboratory of the company and in the research laboratory of the enamel production plant, less dangerous substances are selected, which in the chemical industry are considered as BAT for raw materials.

Methods such as solvent recovery and avoiding the use of halogenated solvents, as well as the use of a vapour extraction system to prevent their release into the air, are considered BAT in reducing volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The waste generated as a result of the operations of the company is sorted and separately collected, thus reducing the amount of unsorted waste and increasing the amount of waste to be recycled.

The company has implemented successfully operating quality control management systems:

  • Environmental management system (ISO 14001:2015);
  • Quality management system (ISO 9001:2015);
  • Energy efficiency management system (ISO 50001:2018).

In the processes of production and processing of chemical substances, BIOLAR combines the fulfilment of environmental protection tasks with the company’s development goals, guided by the highest international standards in the field of environmental policy ISO 14001.

The company implements an open environmental policy, which includes active cooperation with all parties interested in the ecological aspects of the operations of the company. The BIOLAR plant is continuously improving the safety of the production environment, reducing emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere and waterbodies, reducing the amount of solid waste, as well as reducing the amount of environmentally unsafe substances and materials used in production. The desire of the company to implement a green policy is confirmed by the systematic environmental audit and evaluation of the company’s performance by independent parties.

BIOLAR environmental protection professionals are improving the technological processes and implementing the most innovative techniques in order to minimise environmental pollution risks and making production processes environmentally friendly.

Actions to be implemented in the field of environmental protection

The company has developed a policy in the field of environmental protection, the purpose of which is to ensure the operation of the company by creating a favourable and safe working environment.

Analysis of material balances of technological processes is systematically carried out in order to more efficiently plan and implement measures to reduce pollution.

When producing products, measures are followed that contribute to global climate change and air quality improvement, as well as responsible use of natural resources.

The company continuously monitors the sorting of general and household waste.

Cooperation is established with state and local government institutions, clients, and other interested parties.

When training employees, their awareness and understanding of the effectiveness of the environmental management system is promoted.

Monitoring of wastewater, underground water, sludge, rainwater, air emissions, use of chemical substances, waste management is carried out by accredited laboratories.  

In 2016, treatment facilities with a unique microflora for chemical production wastewater treatment were renewed at the plant. With the help of a Czech company, an original technology for the disposal of complex chemical components using specialised microorganisms has been introduced. BIOLAR continues to develop and improve this technology, achieving a greater depth of wastewater treatment.

The reconstruction of the treatment facilities carried out in 2021 allows the factory to further reduce its impact on the ecology of the region.

Internal audits are regularly carried out in the structural units of the company, the results of which are recorded in internal documents, as well as audits by independent parties and evaluation of the operation of the factory.