Olaine chemical plant BIOLAR produces the following products:


The base of the most paints and adhesive materials is resin - polymers and oligomers of a different chemical composition, dissolved in organic solvents. The synthesis of such materials usually requires high temperatures and thorough implementation of the production technology. The plant has a modern unit for the synthesis of resins, which allows us to offer high-quality materials.


Drying accelerators

For the drying of paint and varnish materials based on vegetable oils catalysts (driers) are require, which provide the necessary hardness and mechanical properties for lacquers, primers and enamels.


Canning varnish

Metal can packaging should be protected from salts and acids contained in food products, as well as the products themselves must be protected from the influence of metals.



Some polymers used for production of plastics, rubber and other materials have a rigid structure that does not allow them to withstand high mechanical loads. The use of plasticizers eliminates this flaw.


Organic synthesis products

We propose organic synthesis products of different quality and grades of purification.


Azo initiators

Porofors (Azo initiators) are used as a blowing agent for production of foam materials or as the initiator of reactions proceeding by radical mechanism, such as polymerization, chlorination and others.