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Carbamide-formaldehyde resin KFS-Akva is a product of carbamide condensation with formaldehyde, modified by special polymer.



From white to light brown colour suspension. 

Relative viscosity by viscosity meter of Type ВЗ-246 (or ВЗ-4) with nozzle diameter of 4 mm at 20°С, sec.

20 - 30

Non-volatile matters mass fraction, %

52 - 56

Free formaldehyde content,%

0,2 - 0,3

Hydrogen ion concentration, pH

7,5 - 8,5

Gel time at 20°С (24 h. after resin manufacturing), sec.

50 - 80

Compatibility of resin with water at 20°С, in the ratio no less than 1:2

When mixing, the formation of a light residue is allowed

Density, 20°C

1,20 g/cm³


KFS-Akva carbamide-formaldehyde resin is used for production of carbamide filling foam. Used for thermal insulation. The resin contains a small number of free formaldehyde and can be used for renovation of buildings and structures.

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