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Carbamide-formaldehyde resin К-411-02 EKO is a product of urea, formaldehyde, and butanol condensation in a butanol solution and is intended for manufacture of paint and varnish materials. It is distinguished by the low content of free formaldehy



Transparent syrupy liquid


Pouring of resin on the glass must be clear

Colour by iodometric scale, mg I2/100cm³, 

2 max.

Relative viscosity by viscosity meter of Type ВЗ-246 (or ВЗ-4) with nozzle diameter of 4 mm at 20°C, sec.

50 - 70

Non-volatile matters mass fraction, %

48 - 52

Compatibility of resin with xylene 1:1 ratio (volume)


Free formaldehyde content,%

0,5 max.

Acid value, mg КОН/g of resin

4,5 max.

Density, 20°C

1,00 g/cm³


Soluble in butanol, xylene, toluene, simple and compound esters, high-molecular alcohols


К-411-02 EKO carbamide-formaldehyde resin is used as a semi-finished material for fabrication of acid-curing varnishes and hot-curing enamels with a good decorative and protective properties.

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