ProductsSYNTHETIC RESINSPolyester resinsE-101H

Polyester resin Е-101Н is a complex, branched oligoester, containing up to 5% of volatile matters, with a high hydroxyl number for use in polyurethane and two-component polyurethane materials.



Transparent resin, slight opalescence is possible

Brookfield viscosity, 20°C, MPas

15000 - 25000

Acid index in conversion to 100% resin, mg КОН/g,

5 max.

Non-volatile matters mass fraction, %

95 min.

Hydroxyl value in conversion to 100% resin, mg КОН/g

325 - 350

Fischer water content, %

0,5 max.

Density, 20°C

1,10 g/cm³


Soluble in aromatic hydrocarbons and compound esters.


Е-101Н polyester resin is intended for manufacturing of polyurethane compounds for floor pouring, as well as for production of the polyurethane fillers and low-profile polyurethane materials that do not contain solvents. Polyester resin E-101N is cured with aromatic and aliphatic isocyanates.

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