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Resin KS is a solution in xylene (solvent) cresol-formaldehyde resin.



Transparent liquid of cherry colour without particulate matters

Resin purity

Pouring of resin on the glass must be clear and without particulate matters and pimple

Viscosity by viscosity meter ВЗ-4, at 20 ºС temperature, sec

16 - 19

Non-volatile matters mass fraction, %

42 - 46

Lead compounds mass fraction


Nickel compounds mass fraction


pH water extract index

2,7 - 3,6

Density, 20°C

0,99 g/cm³


KS Resin is intended for manufacturing of epoxy-phenolic varnishes, which are used as a coating for the tinned sheet metal for food cans stamping. KS Resin increases chemical resistance of coating and gives varnish coating a golden colour. KS Resin is used in the manufacturing of EP-547 KS can varnish. 

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