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Alkyd-urethane resin АTU 60ws55 is a solution of the fatty alkyd-urethane base in the dearomatized white spirit, modified by fatty acids of tall oil. Used as a binder in the production of special application natural drying alkyd and paint materials.



Transparent resin, slight opalescence is possible

Lacquer purity

Layer of lacquer applied on the glass plate must be transparent, without particulate matters.

Colour mg I2/100 ml,

30 max.

Brookfield viscosity, 20°С, MPas

1400 - 2800

Acid index in conversion to 100% resin, mg КОН/g,

15 max.

Drying time up to 3 degree, upon adding 2% drier LB-2 min,

150 max.

Drying time up to 3 degree, upon adding 2% drier LB-5 min,

240 max.

Non-volatile matters mass fraction, %

54 - 56

Density, 20°C

0,93 g/cm³


Soluble in white spirit, xylene, oil solvent. Not soluble in esters and water


ATU60ws55 resin is used for production of quick-drying wear resistant air-dried varnishes with the use of aliphatic solvents. ATU60ws55 resin-based materials dry quickly (approximately 3-4 hours at 20°C), forming a coating with high adhesion to metal and wood. ATU60ws55 resin-based coating structure provides increased strength and wear resistance.

Thus, ATU60ws55 is used in corrosion-resistant enamels and floor coatings, when simplicity and usability is required.

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