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Quick-drying alkyd acrylic styrene resin AMS-0133E is a 50% solution of alkyd resin in xylene, modified by acrylic monomers and styrene.



Homogeneous liquid without mechanical impurities

Film purity

Transparent, smooth, homogeneous surface without particulate matter

Iodometric scale colour, mg I2/100 cm³

15 min.

ВЗ-4 Relative viscosity at 20°C, sec.

80 - 130

Acid index in conversion to 100% resin, mg КОН/g,

10 max.

Drying time up to 3 degree (from 2% drier LB-4L) at 20°C, hours

4 max.

Drying time up to 3 degree (from 2% drier LB-4L) at 60°C, hours

2 max.

Non-volatile matters mass fraction, %

48 - 52

Film hardness by М-3, c.u.

0,25 min.

Film durability on impact, cm

50 min.

Film flexibility on bending, mm

1 max.

Density, 20°C

1,00 g/cm³


AMS-0133E resin is used as a binder for production of glossy weather-resistant quick-drying enamels for painting of industrial products and vehicles: agricultural, forestry, earth moving machines, railroad tanks, and railroad wagons that are operated in different climatic conditions. It is also recommended to use AMS-0133E resin for automotive enamels repair.

AMS-0133E resin is designed as an alternative to Al-0133 resin for the production of АС-182 hot drying enamel of the highest quality category, because the resin-based AMS-0133E enamels do not require hot drying.

By its physical, mechanical and climatological properties and especially by oil and benzine resistance and acid-alkali-resistance it is superior to A-182 enamels.

All these properties are achieved due to the interaction of alkyd resin containing isolated double bonds with vinyl and acrylic monomers, as well as due to the conditions of reactions, nature of the selected monomer, and the initiator. At the same time, the polymerization process occurs, i.e. formation of polystyrene. Molecular weight of modified binders is higher than that of the original alkyd resins, so they usually occupy an intermediate position between typical thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers. One of the main areas of application is the production of the quick-drying air drying industrial LMB. In this case, the use of saturated and unsaturated fatty acids allows to produce long-term surface finishing coating. Coatings made of new copolymers possess good water-alkali-resistance and durability. The resulting copolymer is well compatible with pigments and filling compounds. Essentially reduces the time of dispersion.

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