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Acrylic resin LB-1300 is a solution of acrylic polymer in the mixture of toluene and ethyl acetate. Used for production of road-marking paint.



Colourless transparent resin, slight opalescence is allowed

Brookfield viscosity, (20±0,5)ºС, 4 w.r., 30 r/min, MPas

9000 - 13000

Viscosity by ВЗ-4 of 40% solution in the mixture of toluene: ethyl acetate =9:1, (20±0,5)ºС, sec

22 - 30

Acid index in conversion to 100% resin, mg КОН/g

22 - 30

Non-volatile matters mass fraction, %

63 - 67

Density, 20°C

1,00 g/cm³


Soluble in toluene, compound esters


Acrylic resin LB-1300 is used for production of road-marking paints. 

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