Drier Mn 8% is a solution of 2-ethylhexane acid salts in the white spirit and acts as a catalyst for drying of paints and varnishes manufactured on the base of alkyd resins, vegetable oils and other binders that are curing by oxidative polymerization. 



Homogeneous transparent liquid of Brown-red colour without suspensions and residue

Metal mass fraction, %

Manganese (Mn)

8,0 - 8,2

Non-volatile matters mass fraction, %

68 min.

Solubility (blendability) in solvents, raw flax oil or other drying film-forming environment

No separation or settlement. Opalescence is permissible.

Density, 20°C

0,95 g/cm³


Drier Mn 8% is a highly-active catalyst. It provides drying both on the film surface and in the depth of the layer. However, due to the high dependence of drier activity on the quality of the binder it is recommended to be used in combination with other driers such as cobalt, lead and zinc driers. It possesses intense colouring that affects the whiteness of coatings.

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