Drier Co 10% is a solution of 2-ethylhexane acid salts in the white spirit and acts as a catalyst for drying of paints and varnishes manufactured on the base of alkyd resins, vegetable oils and other binders that are curing by oxidative polymerization. 



Homogeneous transparent liquid of blue-violet colour without suspensions and residue

Metal mass fraction, %

Cobalt (Со)

10,0 - 10,4

Non-volatile matters mass fraction at 105 °C, %

59 min.

Solubility (blendability) in solvents, raw flax oil or other drying film-forming environment

No separation or settlement. Opalescence is permissible.

Density, 20°C

0,98 g/cm³


Cobalt drier (Co 10%) is the most active and most used drier. It contributes to the rapid formation of a film on the surface of the paint and varnish materials. It is recommended for making surface enamels, especially for the production of white and bright paint and varnish materials. It is not always recommended for use in primers and in paint-and-lacquer materials that contain active and aromatic solvents, as well as in flax seed oils and paint and varnish materials with a high dry residue. It is used in combination with "deep" drying metals - lead or zirconium.

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