Drier LB-4 is a solution of 2-ethylhexane acid salts in the white spirit, and acts as a catalyst of drying of paint and varnish materials manufactured on the base of alkyd resins, vegetable oils, and other binders that are curing by oxidative polymerization. In normal case, these are salts of certain metals and organic acids with long hydrocarbon chains (С8 – С24).



Transparent homogenous liquid of violet colour without suspended matter and residue

Metal mass fraction, %

Cobalt (Со)

Calcium (Ca)

Zinc (Zn)

Zirconium (Zr)

1,0 - 1,1

1,4 - 1,5

2,3 - 2,4

4,0 - 4,1

Non-volatile matters mass fraction, %

40 min.

Solubility (blendability) in white spirit, solvent or other drying film-forming environment

No separation or settlement. Opalescence is permissible.

Density, 20°C

0,94 g/cm³


Drier LB-4 (4-metal: cobalt, calcium, zinc, zirconium) is intended for the production of high-quality white enamels and light alkyd lacquers. Lack of the manganese drier allows to save whiteness (colour) of paint and varnish materials and the combination of other metals allows to achieve rapid and balanced material drying.

Drier LB-4 is multipurpose. It is added to the paint and varnish material in the amount of 2-3% in terms of lacquer and has little to no effect on coating colour. Such composition of metal salts leads to balanced coating drying that reduces internal stresses in pigmented coatings and as a result increases the service life of the material.

Drier LB-4 works in the film. This means that it has little to no effect on the activity of a paint and varnish material in the can, i.e. the increase in viscosity due to the drier is not happening during drier storing. 

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