Drier LB-2 is a solution of 2-ethylhexane acid salts in the white spirit, and acts as a catalyst of drying of paint and varnish materials manufactured on the base of alkyd resins, vegetable oils, and other binders that are curing by oxidative polymerization. In normal case, these are salts of certain metals and organic acids with long hydrocarbon chains (С8 – С24).



Transparent homogenous liquid of purple-blue colour without suspended matter and residue

Metal mass fraction, %

Cobalt (Со)

Manganese (Mn)

Lead (Pb)

1,0 - 1,2

1,0 - 1,2

15,0 - 15,5

Non-volatile matters mass fraction, %

45 min.

Solubility (blendability) in solvents, raw flax oil or other drying film-forming environment

No separation or settlement. Opalescence is permissible.

Density, 20°C

1,03 g/cm³


Drier LB-2 is one of the most popular and trusted driers. It is designed for paint and varnish materials based on alkyd resins of medium and high fat content. Proper dosage ensures the drying of paint and varnish materials within five years from the date of manufacture. "Factor of Safety" that the drier has helps to ensure the paint and varnish materials drying even in thick films (up to 150 micron) of low-active alkyd resins fabricated from unrefined vegetable oils. Drier LB-2 promotes the rapid in depth drying of the layer, especially during a large thickness of the coating layer. It also reduces the formation of cracks in the layer of paint.

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